A bit more info about the development of cool stuff...


Books. Yoga pants. Meditation apps, or a thousand other possibilities...

We’d like our brand to be associated with fun, high quality stuff that uses our dog and monkey characters in clever ways—and also with more serious products that use only the lotus logo. Because our core topics and mission are fun but serious, Bodisutra can easily span the range from humourous pop cultural items, all the way to timelessly elegant prod- ucts. We’re flexible that way.

What you’re seeing on these pages is the adult brand; there’s a kid’s brand ready to roll out soon afterward, complete with sweeter versions of Bodi and all the rest.

Got a product or service you’d like to align with the Bodisutra project? We’re all ears. Give us a holler, and we can discuss it all more fully.

5% of the profits from any Bodisutra branded product will be donated to The Eden Project. It’s all part of Guru’s grand plan to save humanity from itself. One intelligent conversation at a time.

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