A monkey from another universe?!

Wait, what?

Bodisutra is the humorous wing of what we do. Often we learn best through laughter. Bodisutra is a webcomic and animation devoted to using humor and wisdom to help “tame the monkey mind.” Bodisutra is built around a fool of a monkey in whom we can see ourselves. Bodi is an alien monkey who jumps the line of Darwin's apes to demand what is going on here on Earth. He demands answers. As we all do. He becomes our ambassador of curiosity and outrage and an emissary of all that is good and twisted in us. He reflects our worst impulses and our best. There is also his teacher, Norman, and his wife and various characters around them who help tell the story of what matters in life.  The characters have been written to evoke an inner resonance that speaks to us. 

In their antics, we hear:

That's me!

That's you!
At the heart of Bodisutra

Repeated over and over again, in a million scenarios, is this focus:

When we can change ~

 “monkey see as monkey do” 


“monkey do as monkey see,”

...we then can question how we see, and so change what is looking and, by implication, what thought system informs what is looking. By opening these doors of perception, we can shift our focus to understanding ourselves.
The mind makes all our pain. It can also end it when we change how we see. 

In this kernel of wisdom lies the possibility of a sane world.